One digital asset news to get top stories in cryptocurrency digital assets and bring them down to bite-sized pieces. Today we're gonna do a little education series and we're gonna update our firmware for our nano ledger.

I know this seems very tedious and kind of a pain, and sometimes it's actually kind of scary for some people. But we're, going to walk you through it just to make sure that nothing goes wrong and it's actually perfect.

So let's, jump right in let's, update the firmware and you'll know you'll need to update the firmware if you go to the menu for ledger live and if you'Re looking at portfolio account send receive manager, click on manager and it'll, say firmware.

Version 1.6.1 is available. My firmware is outdated to 1.6.0, so yeah sure whatever. So we're going to update the firmware, is going to click on this and it's. Going to tell us look to do this in case something screws up, make sure you have your 24 word recovery phrases written down the recovery sheet, which you should have at all times.

That thing is like gold, so don't lose that that's super important right. So i have that i'm going to click on. I have my recovery phrase and i'm going to click on continue and it's going to download, and i'll just speed this up and you'll notice on your nano ledger.

It'll, just say: processing it'll, be going down, and now it's going to say, okay, you need to verify this, so you have to look at your actual nano ledger there's, two buttons. I'm using my old one. It's, not it's, the s not the x, so it's got the buttons and well they both got buttons, but uh.

These ones are a little bit uh old-fashioned. I guess so. We're gonna click on right button. There version 1.61, yes, identifier, 104, yes, 204, yes, 304, 404 and then perform the update there's. A little check mark there on the left hand, side and when it gets to the check mark, perform update you're, going to click both the buttons you're, going to put in your pin, and you're.

Going to wait, and now it's, going to go what's called a bootloader screen. It's, going to say mcu. Updating! Please wait for the update to finish 100. This is where your heart starts. To go up. Pounding out your chest because you're like i know this should work, but you never know that's.

The whole reason for that uh, your passphrase, because if anything screws up, i mean remember your cryptocurrency isn't on nano ledger. The only thing it holds is private keys. So there's, nothing physical! There! It's.

Just a way to unlock things and to spend things or spend cryptocurrency digital assets. So again you're gonna see, processing, firmware updating and, of course, you got to reinstall the apps, which sucks.

What are you going to do? You might see the pin code, so you're, going to unlock that and you're, going to notice that on your ledger that all the apps for me, i just have bitcoin ethereum xrp right now, uh because on my other one On the x, i have all the other ones.

It's. Gon na, have you reinstall the apps, which is no big deal it's not like you lost your cryptocurrency uh it's. All there. Don't worry just reinstall the app, so you can see it. It's. Gon na ask you to click both buttons sure and it just does it automatically bitcoin ethereum xrp fantastic.

I got ta tell you. I can see why the uninitiated would be like would be pretty works. I when i first did this when i was uninitiated. I was like what the hell is going on. Uh, you kind of get a little.

You know a little lump in your throat. You're like shoot there's, a lot of money. I mean some people. Have i mean let & # 39? S be honest: some people have hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on their ledger.

I don't. Think you should have them all in one ledger. I think. Maybe if you have a million dollars, maybe you could afford to buy two three or five just saying but uh yeah, i mean when you're going through all this, because in the old days everything was stored on a in the bank.

If you get something like this, you're like shoot. I got ta make sure this is all good, but just remember, if you have your passphrase, you're gonna be okay, all right now, apps installs successfully, now into your accounts.

Great fantastic, so we're, going to click on manage my accounts, so we got all of them right. Bitcoin, ethereum, ooh chain link, bitcoin cash, a lot of stuff right all right. Let's start with ethereum.

We & # 39. Ll click on continue. This will say open the ethereum app on your device. So on my device right now, i have three things loaded. I have ethereum xrp and bitcoin, so i'm, going to find ethereum double click.

It says application is ready. Sometimes you just got ta wait now remember. All this is doing is allowing ledger live to actually view it. That's. All it's, doing it's, not downloading the money again or downloading the cryptocurrency digital assets.

It's already there it's just so you can actually see it and interface with it and all that good stuff and look we've got them all installed. Everything's good to go. So we check our portfolio here. We are everything's.

Good now, uh i have the little eyeball uh, the discreet mode, so you can't see them all, but just so just so you know. I have multiple nano ledgers because i just have this fear at some point. I'm, going to lose something so just to back myself up.

I got like four of these things and i just want to make sure that when the bull run comes, i employ prepared. I'm okay with spending. You know 59 bucks on an x or a hundred bucks on an s, or i probably swap those two prices, but it's.

Okay, uh. I just wan na make sure that i'm taken care of later on it's, gonna be all right as long as i have everything uh safe. So right now we're good to go. We've, updated everything. If we go back to manager, it does say farmer's up firmware is up to date.

1.611. Now we can go on with everything we need to do: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. You