Ripple/XRP-Elon Musk Gets Warning,Brian Brooks On XRP,Discover Card CEO Drops Ripple Bombshell-Test?


Welcome back to the show everybody, we got a good one for you. There's, never a dull moment in crypto. Let's, go ahead and talk about it. We're, going to cover a massive bombshell from discover card. Ceo drops a hint about a ripple partnership.

There we're gonna get into that. Elon musk gets a warning from lawyers. Brian brooks is in the news and it's, all about xrp, a catalyst for crypto and it's, an ugly ugly truth ripple patent. We talked about the other day.

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Welcome back to the show. Everybody you can follow me on twitter, at backup bradley above at the top of the screen and everything that we're talking about here very quickly, just looking at bitcoin and ethereum this morning, 48 000 come on in it just dropped down a little Bit but it was at 48 000 for bitcoin.

It is really really pumping there. It is again 48 205.. Looking at xrp at the number five spot, courtesy, the dereliction of duty from the sec. We are at almost 52 cents. We've, been ranging uh up to 52 plus we'll, keep an eye on that 31.

16 up on the seven day sitting at 52 cents right now. Let's, go ahead and get into the news. Ladies and gentlemen, lawyers warn elon musk's. Bitcoin pumping tweets could attract the sec's, ire fury. If you will oh careful there, elon careful now that's, not the kind of attention you want on any given day right.

This is in the news again, brian brooks predicts. Xrp trading will resume in the u.s says: sec's case. May center, on one simple question: we go into this just to remind everybody where his thoughts are on the matter.

He says i'll just make a quick prediction, and that is that there is a settlement to be done here somewhere. The settlement has to do with the distribution of the tokens, so that existing token holders can continue to trade them and find value in the way that they do well said by brian brooks.

I tell you i can't, wait to see where he surfaces when he comes back from his sabbatical, and i tell you. I hope that he remains in this sector, whether it be in the regulatory side or in the private sector side.

But i really hope he's in the regulatory side, because i feel like his his insight and uh everything he brings perspective to this space is just absolutely paramount. So let's. Keep an eye on that now.

Here's where we go here. This is our catalyst. This is the ugly truth for what i believe is going to help really set crypto into the stratosphere. I really believe this and it is an ugly truth. I want you to listen to this hairy dent comment that he makes for just a couple minutes here and it's about.

He believes that he's predicted a crash in the stock markets in april and as much as a 40 correction. Now i want to remind you before i play this clip that we have seen jeff bezos and other corporate heads take out large positions of their own stock, and i believe that that's, not only because jeff bezos is planning to leave uh amazon At some point, but i believe also that these corporate heads they understand that there is a pay to piper moment coming and they're, cashing out a bit and probably diversifying.

We also see that there's, other things on the horizon, but let's. Listen to harry dent. Before i get off my soapbox here. Let's. Listen to what harry says here! Just listen! We've, been in a down a slowdown in the economy since 2007, because the baby boomers peaked in spending that's, something i was predicting for 20 years.

That's our 40 year in our demographic cycle, which is quite precise, and so what have we gotten quantitative easing to fill the gap? Well, quantitative easing has created the biggest financial asset bubble.

You look at stocks a day and think we're in the greatest economy, getting ready to get way greater and what we've really had is a is an unrecovery. You know we've been growing at 1.65 since the 2009 bottom, with massive stimulus with almo with very low inflation.

We should have high inflation and high growth with this much stimulus and it's because they're. Fighting a declining tide and in the cost of this not allowing recession, not allowing the bubbles and the debt to shake down like like, like we normally do.

Uh we've got them a monster financial asset bubble daniella. The most important number in the world right now is 520 trillion dollars. That is by the way, 6.2 times: 84 trillion gdp in financial assets, stocks real estate, bonds, that sort of stuff that it normally that would be two times gdp, maybe two and a half and a normal boom debts at 253 trillion that's off The charts over three times global gdp, and but normally that'd, be one and a half.

You know so we've, but they they use this financial asset bubble to offset the debt deleveraging and the debt bubble bursting. And now we have a bigger monster and i am predicting within weeks or months, the central bank's, just going to lose control over that it's just going to burst.

If you notice - and this is the reason for my prediction here - that we're - going to see a 40 plus crash in just the next few months - wow that is daniela cambone from stansberry research talking to harry dent, who is really laying it out Here that over the next weeks or months we are going to see that collapse happen because of the central bank losing control of what this nightmare has become, and he goes on to lay this out.

I really encourage you to go like and subscribe to. Uh stansberry research and daniella conbone. She does an incredible job on her channel, and this is just one of the many uh pieces of information you can find on there from incredible people just laying it out uh.

That really says it to me, and i have been having this conversation collectively with others on this channel as well as uh dave, valliere's, uh cryptopolis, now known as macrotrader on twitter, and we've.

Had this conversation for a long time that there is going to have to be a paid or piper moment there's, going to have to be a correction, you know, regardless of the amount of liquidity that we see continuing to pour into the derivative Stock market air arena - at some point it you have to acknowledge it.

Doesn't change; the fact that it's overbought and there is going to be a correction for it at some point. Now he's, calling in the next several weeks or months, so we're, going to keep an eye on that as well.

So look, i believe. Nonetheless, all of this is a catalyst for the companies like visa, mastercard, paypal venmo. Now we're, getting ready to talk about, discover you think that they don't they're. Not aware of this, you think they're, not aware that there's.

Trouble coming. Look at this leaked apparently meeting with discover financial, ceo, considering the use of ripple and it's very difficult to hear this, but i want you to. I want you to listen to this here.

We go. I'll. Try to turn this up for you guys, considering partnering with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies such as ripple so is discover looking at uh partnership and working partnering with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies such as ripple.

So he says we're, considering blockchain. He would separate out blockchain from cryptocurrencies where they're looking for that for their treasury function and both for and for their payments business for some commercial applications.

So this is just the last little bit here. Oh so there they're. Actually looking at it and they've actually done some pilots. Now he's. They're referencing ripple here now i love the way he goes in and separates.

You know i would separate out blockchain from cryptocurrency. Would you now well, let me tell you right here, mr ceo, you don't get to do that because here's a here's. Compliments of michael bell, five links, sir gordon gekko and rose, is on the moon.

That's where all of these three things apparently have come from this morning to me and how i found them. But i have covered this ripple labs patent just the other day when it was uh when it surfaced.

But more to the point of why i wanted to bring it up today is because you hear payment, company and credit card company discover we went over mastercard and visa and earthport and r3 and how everything is tied in, and you can see the major shift happening Here by these major payment companies clearly showing to me, along with these ceos that are either taking out massive shares and selling them off their company, or they're.

Taking huge positions in cryptocurrency like we're, seeing with elon musk and other investment funds, this to me is the hugest signal that the gentleman from stansberry research may just be right, and i really do believe that the catalyst, the true catalyst for cryptocurrency Will be the collapse and the actual pullback or sell-off in the traditional stock market? That is for sure now looking here for anybody who wants to say, while i heard what he said, uh the gentleman from the the ceo from discover card and he said he would separate separate out blockchain from cryptocurrency, so he means ripple, not xrp.

I got you. I got you, but at the end of the day you can't separate blockchain from cryptocurrency and don't. Believe me when i say it, but you better believe brian brooks when he says it. Listen here and here where we seem to be embracing it, that's less likely, i would just say one other quick thing paul and that is that um in the u.

s among people who don't have a deep thesis for crypto. You often hear people talk about well, i'm for blockchain. I'm, just not for crypto. So when i hear phrases like distributed ledger technology, which is not a phrase that has ever been uttered in silicon valley, what i think that is code for is i'm pro-blockchain that i'm anti-crypto.

So let me just level set for people who are not deeply educated in this. There's, no such thing as blockchain. Without crypto up there, you go that's. Brian brooks the former head of the occ, telling you exactly what we know here on this channel.

Is you may try to take a position that looks like well, we're, not in the cryptocurrency, but we like blockchain for our business. You can't have one without the other. So what i see in all of this is not only the ability to take this patent from ripple as it were and be able to apply it to businesses and companies because for very large orders.

The system can split the orders into small chunks and send each chunk separate exchanges for conversion of odl before sending all the chunks to the final destination for conversion to target fiat transactions can also be automatic or manual with a fixed 10 minute period.

For a user to accept the exchange rate before the transaction expires and a new quote must be attained, this is really off of the ripple patent that just like. I said i covered this a few days ago when it came out, but here it makes news again because i think it's pertinent to understand how it could impact.

Actually, somebody like the ceo at discover financial who could be working with ripple using their software and the complement of their patents and their distributed ledger technology which, by the way you can & # 39, t, have without being attached to a crypto which is xrp.

The native currency to the ledger right. So at the end of the day, what i see here is, i see visa. I see mastercard, i see paypal. I see venmo for all the reasons more than just making money. They see that there's, a new payment systems available and they're all connecting to them, and then the investment opportunities that exist behind them are going to fuel where the money's going to come from because of The collapse of an overbought stock market that's where i'm at this morning, and i tell you if i'm wrong - i'll make the video, but i don & # 39.

T think that i am in this moment i'm with harry dent on this. One troubles coming and crypto is going to look like a real big answer to all of it. That's, going to do it for me, hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below things.

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