Ripple/XRP-Price Call For $3.00 In Next 4 Days,XRP Rich List-Let`s Do The Math


Welcome back to the show everybody we're, going to talk about price. Today we've, seen 64 cents earlier this morning and overnight, and i want to talk about how we got there. Let's. Do the math on this thing we also have a price prediction for a three dollar or better xrp in the next four days.

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Let's, go ahead and get into this 1.4 plus trillion dollar market cap for crypto currency. It is a force to be reckoned with: bitcoin sitting at 46, 931.87 ethereum 182. cents and cardano 89 cents, an xrp at 59 cents sitting in number five spot, courtesy of the dereliction of duty of the ex of this sec.

Let's. Take a look at the current price right now on fiat links very quickly. 5973 is where we're at you can see. We were ranging between 6415 and 54.85 uh. So far. We will keep an eye on it, but i want to talk to you about some things: uh uh, concerning price here and we're, going to look at a diagram, and i want to know what you think.

I think it's. Very important, as well as the price prediction that someone is making for the next four days, so look at this here, michael five links uh shout out to you as the cryptocurrency market. Capitalization almost tops one and a half trillion dollars.

U.S banks are feeling the pressure from within wall street to accept bitcoin and other digital assets as legitimate assets. It's very true and listen. I mean seeing bny melon, which is one of america's oldest and biggest banks, the largest custodian in the world 41 trillion dollars asset management and seeing them announce that they're going to custody.

Cryptocurrency is a game changer and you can expect to see everyone else falling in line behind that little decision and announcement there. So the pressure is very real, but what i want to move into and just quickly so we all know ripple and bitstamp - have exchanged a gargantuan amount of xrp between each other.

Before we talk about price, the xrp amount in question is 130 million tokens, which is the equivalent of 79 plus million dollars. Looking briefly at the article here, it's, not clear why they do it. You could make the assumption that some of that could be for operational expenses, and some of it could be.

You know, um getting bit stamps set up because they obviously are a ripple net and uh on-demand liquidity partner right. So it's. You know it's, hard to say what it is, but there are big moves happening is the point that i wanted to make? Is that ripple's, not slowing down? They're, not stopping what they're doing.

You know to the to the extent that they are able to. They are pedal to the metal. Now, if you guys haven & # 39, t watched my breakdown of jeremy hogan from legal briefs uh this morning's. Video. Please go watch that video.

It's, getting a lot of comments, a lot of attention, and i think you should entertain some of the things that we talk in there about uh. That jeremy hogan points out that maybe we do see a security designation of some kind for xrp and maybe at the very least, even if it remains unregistered, it could turn into a situation where you have to be an accredited investor to buy it henceforth, a decision Now, if that were to happen, that would be enormous impact on the market.

It would be large players that could participate in purchasing the asset and basically shutting out the retail investor. Now we would already have it. So i think we'd, be in good hands and we would probably be forced to go through a dealer broker if we wanted to sell any uh of our portfolio, but that's.

Another conversation right now. I just want to show you that ripple is moving things around. They're, not stopping. This is from crypto bull and says: xrp is holding strong. The first breakout attempt failed and we found support on the trend line we started six days ago in this up.

Move here is the image right here. He says we could spend another 24 hours in this ascending triangle, gathering strengths for a powerful move up. Well, he's, not the only one talking about that, and here's, the ascending triangle we could spend the next 24 hours or so in trying to find out whether we stay true to the indicators or whether it breaks uh breaks.

The pattern we will see what goes on, but as of now the asset has not experienced xrp, has not experienced any real selling pressure, which clearly indicates that the xrp army is poised to smash the target set at one dollar.

Moreover, analyst moza believes that the xrp price is all set to hit three dollars by february 17th, four days from now wow. Looking at this article, they're, basically calling it here, and you know that 80 cent range that we & # 39.

Ve talked about is a very, very key point right and they go through, and i'm gonna have to read this to you, you get it. We got four days. This is either going to do it or it isn't right, but it's, exciting to see the calls that are coming in from different technical analysis, people that are really you know, seeing something very, very strong on the charts here.

Currently, the xrp price appears to be self-assured of attaining the higher resistance levels close to 80 cents again. I know that from looking at the charge a while ago that that is a range that is going to be uh resistance, that we're, going to need to turn into support line right.

So then it can challenge that dollar and even the three dollar mark that this uh um price, analyst uh moza, has said and uh called for. So we're, going to keep an eye on that as well. However, many analysts have been saying - and i covered this two days ago - that if the sc lawsuit would would uh get out of the way there isn't one person that doesn't see at a minimum a ten dollar xrp a 10 xrp and there's, calls as deep as 30.

If we get this lawsuit clarity and a settlement here as quickly as possible. To me, this is extremely exciting, but what i want to talk about here is two things: one, the xrp rich list and the amount of top xrp wallets that are growing.

Look at the wallets right now today. Yesterday i did a bit of a breakdown of this and there were six wallets that had a billion or xrp or more in them. That wallet has gone up from yesterday to now seven overnight.

If you look at the top three wallets there's 7 and 12 and then 73., we just look at the top three. We understand that, obviously, retail investors are not in the top three. Let's just go ahead and know that right, shocker right, but the reality is, is that this is what the wallets are today now.

This is courtesy of big skinny him, and i have been going around about this conversation and trying to make of it what we could december 28th right before the end of the year. Just after the sec lawsuit, there were five wallets that had a billion xrp or more in them, there were 11 wallets that had a half a billion to almost a billion in them and 68 wallets that had 100 million to a half a billion xrp note these Numbers 11, 591 right so 11 billion 591, and then here in the second line here you see seven billion three, seventy five and then thirteen billion eight eight seven.

Now let's. Go to the current numbers. The current numbers here, eleven seven, which is higher than previously in december 7 - 7. Let's just take another reference: 7. 3. We know we're higher here and then here in the 73 wallets right, we have 15061.

Well. What do we have here? 1387 isn't that interesting. That to me is interesting, very interesting, so the understanding would be if we see this correctly. Let's. Understand this, the price of xrp right now and stay with me here.

I don't know the answer, but i think i'm, asking the right questions collectively for all of us to try to find the answer together. 59 cents is where we are before the sec came into uh play with the lawsuit here.

Respectfully, the space was in a 25, 28 cents range just hovering. It was in that range. You want to say 30 32 fine, i'll. Give it to you, but the reality is between 25 and 30 cents, let's. Just say that's.

Where we were at. There was no restrictions on u.s residents. There was no restrictions on coinbase, which currently is is actually affecting every region when it comes to buying xrp. There are everyone shut out of coinbase for getting xrp at the moment, so the reality is, there was no restrictions on retail investors before anything happened with the lawsuit.

The market was free and open, and we couldn't move the needle past 25 or 28 cents as retail investors like it lump it. That's. The facts you bring on more class action, lawsuits, the sec, lawsuit right, tetragon, lawsuit from their investment fund, their investment partner and look at what we have now 59 and as high as range of 64 xrp, and we are more restricted now as retail investors.

Specifically, if you're in the us on getting it, and if you can get it, thankfully, because of uphold or trading into it from bit true, you're, going to get extra transaction fees and you're, going to Get a limit to what you're, actually able to buy, because there's very restricted limits on upholds platform.

One has to wonder and start asking the question. The amount of top xrp wallets are growing. I just proved it. It is not up for debate it's, a fact: could they be slowing, buying up slowly, buying up the xrp off exchanges, prices would subtly move up? This would be under the cover of what is believed to be retail driving market action when, in fact, the smaller wallet holders are actually retail investors who are jumping out or taking profits because of the stress of a bear market and the stress of a market regulator.

Lawsuit from the sec, if so, it would make sense that the price is 64 cents right now, wouldn't it. It would absolutely make sense to me that the price is 64 cents, because in fact the xrp wallets of the largest wallets and market makers are getting bigger and there's.

No sell orders going on out on that side and if they're, not offering any sell orders going out on that side, then u.s retail is strictly restricted greatly. Then we're, seeing the smaller wallets either come down in the amounts or the number of them or potentially both, and i don't know that answer.

But one thing i do know the answer is to is this is this? Is the number of wallets on december 28 at the top three, which is 5 11 and 68, and all the amounts of the xrp total in them is larger today than it was on december 28th before right after the lawsuit hit? So if we look at the list just again, 7 12 73 - and we see the amounts - are larger in the top three as well.

One really really has to respectively, respectfully ask the question: are we seeing market makers slowly buy up xrp off of the exchanges? One of the ways we'll know is: if xrp price ends up returning back to the range we were in prior to the sec lawsuit.

If we return back to that range, i would have to say one: it doesn't change. The fact that retail was restricted and handicapped broadly here in the united states, so i don't believe that retail is responsible for a 59-cent xrp.

If we were to return back in that price, pre-lawsuit price range i wouldn't. I would start to lean into the idea that they have been testing with market makers and when the tests are done, the price would return back to the range that retail investors were able to take it to.

If the price does not return, then i am pretty much convinced that the idea that market makers are coming in and beginning to soak up the liquidity by parking, the xrp in their wallets, meaning that there's less and less liquidity actually available out.

Here, because you have to consider that a large portion of the circulating supply is holders and retail holders like you and me who are not selling until we reach a certain number and the other half within selling is the actual big market makers and partners that understand The full intended use of xrp for their industry and their business and that to me would be central banks and sophisticated financial institutions.

However, you slice it. We're not far from finding out what's driving this market, and i don't believe it's, us that's going to do it for me, hit the like and subscribe. Definitely leave a comment below i will be reading them and make sure you hit the notification bell.

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It is amazing this this is private equity, and you know what you know: they just added some new stuff ripples in there, my god it might be sold out already. You have to check it, you know, look things don't.

Take long on here to go, you got to be, you got to be ready to strike there's. Still, a lot of uphold, left and uphold is crushing it uh. You can show them some love for being able to offer xrp to all of us and don't forget about better.

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